Be it in court room or at a private law firm, Aimlit, LLC is equipped with knowledgeable Interpreters who can facilitate clear communication in a deposition, criminal case, traffic citation hearing or a 50B. Being in a court setting can be very stressful for everyone, let alone not speaking the language in which the hearing is taking place. We at Aimlit, LLC take our role very seriously and do our best in interpreting everything as accurately as possible. We also abide by the code of ethics of North Carolina Administrative Offices of the Court.

It is very important to have a highly trained or certified medical interpreter when at a doctor’s office or at a hospital. Health issues are very important and the possibility to communicate directly and express your concerns freely to your doctor is your right. Here at Aimlit, LLC, we do not take that lightly and we make sure our interpreters not only try to be almost invisible during your consult but also, advocate for you so you receive the best care possible at any one of your doctor’s appointments.

Be it at a business presentation or at a state department training facility, our interpreters are highly qualified and trained to provide simultaneous interpreting while in the booth and consecutive interpreting if anyone in the audience has a question they wish to ask. During this type of interpreting, tandem is highly recommended so interpreters don’t get fatigued and may still offer an accurate rendition of what is being said. Interpreters in this type of setting will take turns and switch every thirty minutes in order to ensure high quality simultaneous interpreting.

Whether you have a business meeting, a workshop or any type of social gathering that would require the assistance of an interpreter, Aimlit, LLC can accommodate you.